Linguistik online 27, 2/06

Phraseologie und Fremdsprachenlernen.
Zur Problematik einer angemessenen phraseodidaktischen Umsetzung

Vida Jesenek (Maribor)



In this paper the author strives for the more intensive inclusion of phraseological learning content in the teaching of foreign languages. Arguments, due to which at all levels of teaching languages should systematically provide for acquiring and respectively developing the passive and active phraseology competence, are as follow: the commonness and range of phraseological methods of expression, empirically proved acquisition of phraseological competence in the very early phase of mastering the native language and a relatively high degree of inter-language accordance of phraseological structure. In the planning of language education and the training of language teachers many consecutive changes will be necessary. Among others it will be necessary to synchronically plan teaching of the native and foreign languages, bring into force phraseology as a compulsory subject in higher education programs for the training foreign language teachers, and materially and professionally enable more intensive development of special phraseological learning material.


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