Tagung zum Thema Wortbildung /

Conference on word formation

Bern, 5. / 6. Juni 2014


Ezekiel Komolafe Olusanya
Nigeria, Osogbo
More on Yorùbá Prefix oní

One of the productive prefixes in Yorùbálangu is the oní morpheme. However, there has been some controversies as to whether the morpheme is a single unit (oní) or two (o+ní). There is also some controversy concerning the meaning of the morpheme. While the latter school semantically analyses the morpheme as "someone who owns x" the former school is silent about its meaning probably because oní words could be ambiguous. This paper revisits the arguments about the form and semantic of oní words. The paper’s analysis supports the argument that oní is a single unit and that the meaning of oní word is dependent on the shared understanding between the interlocutors.

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