Tagung zum Thema Wortbildung /

Conference on word formation

Bern, 5. / 6. Februar 2014


Ivica Peša Matracki/Vinko Kovačić
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
Some characteristics of deverbal nominals in Slavic and Romance languages

In this paper we will investigate the nature of deverbal nominals across languages. The deverbal nouns are divided according to their word formation model: affixation and conversion. Our study will compare the word formation of deverbal nominals in Slavic (Croatian, Slovenian and Polish) and Romance languages (French, Italian and Spanish) in order to show (i) that the affixation corresponds to a specific mode of morphological operations and (ii) that the differences and similarities between deverbal nominals of these two language families follow from the properties of the base verbs. Furthermore, our analysis will try to shed some light on the distinction between nouns and verbs.
The main aim of this work is to examine the interaction between morphology and syntax. The question is whether there is a clear distinction between the structure of words, which is the domain of morphology, and the structure of sentences, which is the domain of syntax. Are the rules that regulate phrasal architecture of base verbs different in kind from the rules that govern the internal structure of words? In answering this question we will see that, although the argument structure of verbs (and their thematic roles) interacts with the argument structure of respective nominals and shares some of their rules, it nevertheless has a degree of internal formal and semantic coherence and therefore deserves a separate treatment as a distinct component of the linguistic model.

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